EpNamer 2.0.0 Beta 2 Released

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– Fixed TheTvDb problem that prevented show ids being validated.
– Fixed drag drop not working.
– New option for whether files should be checked by default when loading a directory.
– Preliminary multi language support for TheTvDb downloaded meta. Setting the value of ‘TheTvDbLanguageCode’ in EpNamer.exe.config will enable this functionality. If search does not include foreign show, then try setting the value of ‘TheTvDbSearchLanguageCode’ in EpNamer.exe.config (it can be set to ‘all’).
– Support for drag and drop from apps that use text instead of proper file drop.
– Ensured lots of new features not supported by TvRage service are hidden when it’s enabled.
– Enabling context menu for EpNamer requests admin rights.
– Parsing episode id from file name ignores file extensions.

Click here to download EpNamer Setup
– Quick to download, easy to install
– Requires .NET Framework 3.5

Please post any bugs/feedback.

EpNamer 2.0.0 Beta Released

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– Mixed show support, rename multiple shows in a folder or sub-folders in one operation.
– Old AutoUpdater no longer supported, new version uses ClickOnce deployment for install/updates.
– New version now dependent on .NET Framework 3.5.
– Much faster directory loading, especially for network drives, date modified updates in a separate thread now.
– A new section to settings that allow managing of what shows you watch. This can be done manually or it can sync the top level names of a root folder where you keep your sorted shows. Aliases can be defined for shows, if show name detecting needs to support something other than the actual show name.
– A new dialog to search shows for TheTvDb.com.
– The Set Id button now shows full episode info for the entire show with synopsis, banners, etc. TheTvDb.com only.
– Ability to override the show of a file from a new Set Show button.
– New checkbox to hide files where either the Id or show name wasn’t detected.
– New setting for recursing directories to maintain structure. Off by default, which will flatten the recursed structure, on will keep the structure under the folder you browse to.
– Fixed problem where an episode Id not known by the server would stop EpNamer processing the rest of the files. Now a message box at the end of the processing displays all failed episode Ids.
– EpNamer main window now remembers last open position and maximised state.
– Fixed performance problems with multi-selecting episodes.
– Fixed bug where a Date parse error is thrown on loading a folder.

Click here to download EpNamer Setup
– Quick to download, easy to install
– Requires .NET Framework 3.5

I’m expecting quite a few bugs in this version so please post any bugs/feedback.

EpNamer 1.4.5 Released

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– Huge speed improvements for TvDb.Com when renaming large number of files.
– TvDb.Com supports parsing based on airdate or absolute number.
– TvDb.Com supports new naming conventions based on airdate and absolute number.
– Settings dialog now allows easier building of naming convention format using drag and drop.
– New setting to make recursing directory always prompt, auto recurse or ignore sub directories.
– New settings added to allow specific naming conventions to be used for when parsing mode is set to airdate or absolute number.
– Fixed issue where show name field was taken from user entered show name instead of the server data, to use the user entered show name there is a new naming field.

Click here to download EpNamer Setup (full installer)
Click here to download EpNamer Binary (executable only)
– Quick to download, easy to install
– Requires .NET Framework 2.0 (get it here)

I’m expecting quite a few bugs in this version so please post any bugs/feedback.

EpNamer 1.4.4 for Mac OSX is HERE!!!

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EpNamer is now a cross platform application!
With a few code changes and thanks to the excellent Mono Project, EpNamer can now be run on Linux and Mac OSX. I will only be distributing a Mac package, I’ll assume anyone running Linux is technical enough to figure out how to setup mono to run EpNamer.

The only real limitations in the Mac version is:
– the auto updater does not work as well as on Windows.
– the browse dialog only lets you browse your home directory, no mounted external drives or network volumes. Users will have to rely heavily on drag and drop to the main window for anything outside the home directory.

Click here to download EpNamer Binary (DMG file)
– Quick to download, easy to install
– Requires Mono Framework (get it here)

Please post any bugs/feedback.