EpNamer 2.0.0 Beta 2 Released

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– Fixed TheTvDb problem that prevented show ids being validated.
– Fixed drag drop not working.
– New option for whether files should be checked by default when loading a directory.
– Preliminary multi language support for TheTvDb downloaded meta. Setting the value of ‘TheTvDbLanguageCode’ in EpNamer.exe.config will enable this functionality. If search does not include foreign show, then try setting the value of ‘TheTvDbSearchLanguageCode’ in EpNamer.exe.config (it can be set to ‘all’).
– Support for drag and drop from apps that use text instead of proper file drop.
– Ensured lots of new features not supported by TvRage service are hidden when it’s enabled.
– Enabling context menu for EpNamer requests admin rights.
– Parsing episode id from file name ignores file extensions.

Click here to download EpNamer Setup
– Quick to download, easy to install
– Requires .NET Framework 3.5

Please post any bugs/feedback.

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Comment by Ryan
2011-10-04 21:24:20

Simple to use and fast. Please fix download link for beta 2.

Comment by Wolf0x
2011-10-24 19:54:27

Awesome program I’m so glad I found this

Comment by Scoota
2012-01-08 00:08:50

I can’t get this to run on Windows 7 x64. The issue I have is “Error: Failed to initialise TV info service ‘TvDbEpisodeInfoLeecher’. The type initializer…threw an exception’.

I have verified the .NET 3.5 install, everything seems okay there. Tried running with Admin privileges, compatibility mode etc. I also tried verson 1.45 without success.

Any ideas?

Comment by ChrisF
2012-04-09 20:34:36

Love the program! Easy to use and fast

Comment by Quinten
2012-04-13 14:11:23

Straight forward until I try rename the files. The ‘rename’ button remains inactive as though it’s still waiting for something to be set but the interface is not relinquishing any clues. I’ve set the ID format in the settings page, tried to call info from TVdb, that doesn’t work either. Is there anything about this software that does work?

Comment by Slugsie
2012-10-05 17:43:23

OK, Beta 2 was released exactly a year ago. Any progress on fixing the bugs?

Comment by Slugsie
2012-10-08 17:50:43

I love the program, but there is a very annoying bug whereby is forgets what has been ticked after virtually ever action. Didn’t do that in the v1.x line. However given that the beta 2 is a well over a year old now I suspect it’s been abandoned now. If the developer no longer wants to continue could they please release the source code so those of us who like it can continue the project. Either that or do a new release.


Comment by ludo
2012-11-29 08:51:05

Nice program, I love !!

I don’t understand how to change the language ???

Comment by ludo
2012-11-29 08:52:24

Nice program, I love !!

I don’t understand how to change the language ??

Comment by Noa
2012-11-30 18:31:49

Great program. Fast – Simple.

Thank You.

Comment by Slugsie
2012-12-01 18:16:00

Is this program going to get an update or is it dead? If it’s dead any chance of making it open source so that those of us who like it and have the ability can continue development?

Comment by Hakarune
2013-01-13 04:10:55

Is there going to be an update to this application anytime soon? Would love to see .net depricated and maybe more of a cross platform set. Also more scrappers for renaming would be awesome, TVDB goes down or is too slow that it times out a lot, and TVRage never recogizes any episodes (in 01×01 format…(perhaps a naming tut for tvrage is needed)

Comment by iNgeon
2013-01-20 17:10:17

Good app.
Would love to see a standalone zip/portable version again.
Also support for shows with year in the season name “Season(year)”

Comment by iNgeon
2013-01-20 17:21:47

Great app. Need support for shows with year in season name “Season(year)”
Would also appreciate standalone/portable as previous.

Comment by Hanzo
2013-09-24 12:30:42

I like this program a lot. It does exactly what it promises. Thank you!

Comment by Gray S.
2015-03-27 16:22:15

The current version can’t handle shows with a year in the title. For example, “Once Upon a Time” (TheTVDB id 248835) is listed as “Once Upon A Time (2011)” to distinguish it from “Once Upon a Time” (TheTVDB id 83882). But when EpNamer crawls shows with “Once Upon A Time (2011)” in the title, it chokes and thinks that the shows are all 20×11. There are many shows with years in the title to distinguish them from identically named shows. For example, “Doctor Who (2005)” vs. “Doctor Who.”

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